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Discover the best services in reprogramming, engine performance optimization and fuel economy, among others.

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Professional reprogramming based on constant tests in the dynommeter and diesel injection laboratory.

Stage 1

It consists of an individual reprogramming of the vehicle’s engine management system, so that the adjustment of the engine parameters (ignition, injection, …) can be performed on the power bank to obtain greater precision. the engine parameters at this stage are kept within the safety standards prescribed by the manufacturer.

Stage 2

It consists of optimizing a number of elements throughout the engine to increase engine efficiency. It is primarily about intake and exhaust. A lot of air intake systems are very restrictive due to their anti-resonant structure which is intended to dampen intake noise from the engine. By fitting a custom sports air filter or air intake, more airflow is allowed to the engine and we get a nice power gain.

Stage 3

Replacing the internal or vital parts of the engine or the turbocharger are some of our services. This can range from increasing the displacement, fitting sports camshafts, to installing a larger turbocharger. Sometimes there are some risks inherent in reliability, but not always. In some cases you can upgrade your engine with original parts of the version with higher displacement, without affecting reliability.


El ahorro de combustible lo hemos conseguido gracias a la modificación de información electrónica que va incluída en el motor de su vehículo. Después de esta modificacion, se puede apreciar una mejora de sonido en el motor. También se aprecia una mejora de respuesta del motor, optimizando la relación entre velocidad y consumo.


Through the software configurations we can eliminate the power limitation in vehicles. We also have different configurations (competitions, sports driving, etc.)

Diesel settings

-Diesel Particle Filter (DFP)
-EGR valve
-DTC errors on ECU or TCU
-Speed limiter
-Swirl Flaps and Exhaust flaps
-Throttle Valve (TVA)
-Hot Start System Fix
-Start stop disable
-MAF sensor disable
-Torque monitoring disable

Gasoline settings

-Gasoline Particle Filter (GPF/OPF)
-EGR valve
-Errors on ECU or TCU
-Speed limiter
-Swirl Flaps and Exhaust flaps
-Throttle Valve (TVA)
-Start stop disable
-MAF sensor disable
-Lambda/ Oxygen sensor
-Secondary air pump (SAP)
-Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP)
-Cold start noise reduction

Software customizations

-Speed Limiter disable (VMAX)
-Launch Control / Hard launch
-Pops & Bangs activation
-Popcorn activation
-Sport displays calibration
-Kickdown disable


The TCU / TCM gearbox is an amazing package of technologies with more than 50 patents protecting it. Unlike simple engine optimization that involves using one of the many available programming interfaces to manipulate the spark and fuel from the engine map, tuning the TCU / TCM involves many more parameters and a confident understanding of how these react to different driveways. Our TCU / TCM calibrations are available for both gasoline and diesel vehicles in 3 phases, resulting in 6 separate products; TCU / TCM Stage 1 Gasoline, TCU / TCM Stage 2 Gasoline, TCU / TCM Stage 1 Diesel, TCU / TCM Stage 2 Diesel.


We work to offer the best service, at the best budget

ECU Chiptuning

Software modification service specialized in latest models, chiptuning and solutions for all types of ECUs.

Individuals and proffesionals

We provide consulting and development services aimed at both individuals and professionals.

Adapted budget

Check your budget without any commitment; we have special prices for distributors.

All types of vehicles

We work on the configuration of all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, marine, agriculture, etc.


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